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Network Infrastructures

Cabling is a crucial part of any IT infrastructure no matter how large or small the business. With ever increasing levels of bandwidth and a much greater reliance on network devices a high quality cabling system is essential.

The team at STP Solutions have been installing data cabling infrastructures for over 30 years and have gained the experience and expertise to enable us to offer a broad range of structured cabling solutions.

Why Choose STP?

STP Solutions use only the highest quality cable and components and we thoroughly test and certify all installations to a customers' requirements. Through installer accreditation schemes with major component manufacturers we can deliver cabling systems which are covered by the manufacturer's respective warranty.

What are the Benefits to a Business?

STP provides a dedicated team with an extensive knowledge of network installations to support you through the project lifecycle. The quality of our Project Managers will ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget!

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