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Environmental Policies

Electrical Equipment Recycling

When businesses produce waste, they have a responsibility. These include complying with the requirement of the Duty of Care, and if they are producing hazardous waste, they may need to register as a producer under the Hazardous Waste Regulations.

The legislation (2009 SI 3216) introduces new rules & responsibilities for all businesses and other non-household users of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). This includes businesses, schools, hospitals, and government agencies, when they dispose of their electrical waste. These organisations will need to ensure that all separately collected WEEE is treated and recycled.

STP Solutions can provide an answer to the legal, environmental, social and cost issues of disposing of redundant electronic equipment.

Our nationwide service offers businesses of all sizes the chance to maximize the return for any re-sellable equipment and also ensure that all our electronic equipment recycling conforms to agreed standards and is performed by authorised specialists.

We are partners with SITR, UK Specialists for Secure Computer Disposal, IT Recycling, CESG approved Data Destruction, On and Offsite Hard drive Destruction and WEEE Waste Disposal.

Energy Efficiency

The first step to a greener environment is to understand your average energy consumption. Many of the same measures that can improve your buildings energy performance also boost productivity by enhancing the comfort of occupants.

STP Solutions fully understand that better management of energy use for office equipment and efficient lighting are energy smart practices that deliver immediate payback with little or no cost to your business.

How can I be Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency ensures that valuable energy -whether it be heating, cooling, or electricity -is not wasted. There are numerous energy efficiency technologies, from insulation materials to a plethora of more efficient electrical devices.

STP Solutions will recommend how customers can install systems that will make a significant impact in reducing their carbon footprint and enhancing their working environment.

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